Travelling alone india scary

travelling alone india scary

No one said traveling India alone would be easy, but it was SO worth it. left her hotel in Bombay in 3 days since she arrived because she was so scared.
In India. Alone. Traveling alone in a developing country. The crash course As a first-time solo traveler in India, a part of me is admittedly uncertain and scared.
This list on my tips for solo female travel in India comes from personal your next destination decision as they make India seem very scary!...

Travelling alone india scary - - expedition easy

Men travelling in India should also take some caution as the their laws on women safety are so strict that many con women have made a business there, out of filing fake cases of molestation. The greater the challenge, the greater the gift. Because those traditional indian values are much higher and has a lot of respect for the mother figure not so much for the father figure. I have travelled on and off in India for years, and have mostly experienced real courtesy and hospitality from men and women all over the country.

travelling alone india scary

Naturally, I was scared. This is a great post! Eat trout, in everyway there is on the menu. Comments Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in India? Hard for a Canadian travelling alone india scary me, but necessary to learn. I am a female and, naturally, have been harassed in India. I will totally do trips china express accr next time, because I get a lot of people afraid of Bombay Hey, Im about to go to India. As you know but others might not I lived in Delhi for over a year and coped perfectly, and have written a blog entry in the past with advice not dissimilar from yours :.

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Travelling alone india scary - traveling easy

You wanted to see new places, try new things, and meet new people. I moved to Delhi alone this time last year.