Travel taipeitaiwanweatherandwhentogo

travel taipeitaiwanweatherandwhentogo

Taipei is in a subtropical climate, so you will not see four distinct seasons in Taipei. The best times to visit are during the fall, when the weather is a little cooler.
For good exploring weather (not too hot and humid), I would recommend March- April and also October-November. South of Taiwan would always be warmer.
Taiwan has a subtropical monsoon climate, with wet, humid summers and short, relatively mild winters (though it often snows on the highest peaks) affecting the best time to visit. The north tends Taipei and aroundchevron_right. Taipei and...

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So, when is the best time to visit Taiwan if you want mild sunshine and good weather? Special seasonal highlight: It is a fine time to head up to the mountains to see the fall foliage. Holy See Vatican City State. This site uses cookies, by continuing to browse you are agreeing to our cookies policy. To the south of Taipei, you'll find the valley of Maokong , known throughout Taiwan for its romantic views and its thriving tea culture. Of course, there are many other night markets in Taipei and Taichung cities. It is also a good place to get acquainted with Taiwan's religious customs, as it is a shrine to a mix of deities from the Buddhist, Taoist and folk religion practiced in China.

The weather is cooler but still warm and sunny, and October and November has relatively less rainfall, and it is still warm. Hotels near Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. In general, autumn and winter are the best times to visit Taiwan, though early summer May to July can also be pleasant at higher elevations and in the north, travel taipeitaiwanweatherandwhentogo the high temperatures in midsummer make watersports and beaches far more tempting at this time. November is one of the best times of the year to experience places like Yangmingshan National Park where the fall colours are out in full force. While the country doesn't experience snow, wiki travelling salesman film weather can be chilly, especially near the mountains.

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  • Most of Taiwan has beautiful warm climate all year round. It is the world's second biggest IT show, and it is the largest in Asia. Weather: Spring is from March to May.
  • The Great Wall of China.
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Why Visit Taipei in November? So, when is the best time to visit Taiwan if you want mild sunshine and good weather? Best month to go Taiwan.