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wiki happy trails expedition

主な流れ. ハッピートレイル・キャラバンの隊長を探す; (ポンド以下になったら、ジェドに話しかける.
Happy Trails Expedition ; Arrival at Zion; Deliverer of Sorrows; River The Fallout: New Vegas wiki for factual information -- the item lists and.
Happy Trails is a small caravan company operating in NCR territory in is in dire financial straits and is preparing to launch an expedition to New Canaan....

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At the door, you can unlock it if you are better than Average skill, or you can go retrieve the key, which is in a bag in the northern part of the cave. Pourtant, il avait changé. Eventually, the Sorrows grew tired of his blather, and turned their backs on him. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Happy Trails Caravan Company. Fallout NV Suggested Mods. When you interact with the broken compass, you'll have three options: a repair the compass, b repair with parts, or c take the broken compass with you.

Fallout: New Vegas: "Happy Trails!" Vault 11 Video

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The White Legs lost all hope of joining the Legion and disintegrated into a number of petty raiding bands, leaving Zion Valley a polluted cistern. The medical supply kit. Highlight to View "And so it was that the conflict between the New Canaanites and the White Legs was finally resolved.