Traveller travel information getting around montreal

traveller travel information getting around montreal

Information about Montréal's local hotels, restaurants, attractions, festivals and services for the And getting around here is not only a breeze, it's also fun.
Inside Montreal: Public Transportation - Before you visit Montreal, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers. The info web site has a trip planner (or use Google Maps directions and choose and your transfer, and there are inspectors travelling around with machines to check.
Advice on the best ways to get around Montreal. How to get to and from the airport, plus how to use public transportation such as buses and taxis.

Traveller travel information getting around montreal - traveling

Emergency phone booths are on every platform throughout the metro system, which is generally safe. Adirondack Trailways offers a bus service between Plattsburgh International Airport and Montreal. Metered fares are the norm, so there's no need to negotiate on price. Ridesharing is a relatively safe and popular way of travel with students, travellers, and young people, but the inherent risks of travelling with strangers should always be weighed, particularly when using unregulated platforms to connect with a driver..
traveller travel information getting around montreal

Learn French - Basic Phrases for Tourists

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Trip planning can also be done using Google Maps. Taxis in Canada are easily found in major cities and can be hailed or called in advance. Since most Montrealers speak both French and English, with ease, they are simply trying to make things easier for you. It never hurts to begin a conversation with "Bonjour, est-ce que vous parlez anglais? Prices are reasonable, and you don't typically need to book in advance unless you're transporting a car. Montreal Island's Grands Parcs. Also be aware that Montreal does not paint curbs red next to fire hydrants, but it is still illegal to park there.