Travelling morocco solo female

travelling morocco solo female

Travelling through Morocco was tough. My four weeks in the country were challenging, exhausting, frustrating and disheartening — and yet.
Hi there I´m planning on travelling through Morocco for ten days by myself. As I am blond I don´t know if it´s relaxed (obviously sticking to.
After traveling through Morocco twice as a woman alone, from the North of Tangier to the Sahara Desert, this is my best advice for safety, sanity....

Travelling morocco solo female tour

Take extra care at music festivals and other large gatherings as complaints have been made of physical harassment. If I wanted to stay in this country and actually enjoy it, I needed to find a way to keep my sanity. Always wondered about Morocco and your post has many answered questions! But what I find even more appalling is the self induced victim blaming in your post.

travelling morocco solo female

This is a message to visitors that skimpy tops, shorts and revealing clothing are not appreciated by the locals. We also met one very kind Moroccan man at our hostel who took my friend and me to a Hassan with all local women, and naturally treated us and bathed us like their. Note to self: there are other places than Morocco to see :. She is now based in Manchester, England where she continues to travel and craft stories about exotic lands as often as possible. I would not encourage other women traveling alone to come. I arrived in Fes, nerve racking to say the least had also heard many negatives about Fes. Ask them to recommend restaurants and attractions then draw out a route for you. Diani Beach Agadir Marrakesh. Yep, I did everything independently apart from my trip to the Sahara Desert, travelling morocco solo female. Have a look at our Beginner's Guide to Russia, travel guide lisbon articles feel free to reach out to the guest author Annegret via Instagram oiskipoisk. Would love to return to Morocco soon! An old woman poked her head out of the upper floor of the house and I thought she might be suspicious travel leisure saint ignace me. So I agree with Youssef, there are many, many good, polite and respectful men in Morocco. I wanted to add my two cents.

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