Traveling foot

traveling foot

Why is the singular noun, foot, used? If a person goes to school by bus/train/car they are using only one means of transport, they are travelling.
Making use of nature's own means of transport, her feet, Inka Piegsa We travel the world for pleasure, business or to meet family and friends. Inflatable Travel Footrest - Therapeutic For Your Legs!: Travel Foot Rest: Office Products..

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So grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the journey as we get to spend some time with this adventurer. I sacrificed everything to hit the road -- job, apartment, girlfriend, etc. Eight and a half months later Nate reached California with a love for the road, walking, and the opportunity to see and experience the world up close. GreenRay has a couple of good points that I could only re-work perhaps for a very small gain in clarity, and add perhaps an invitation to consider the situation with other forms of transport equally popular in the days when the 'only' options were 'foot' or 'horse-back', such as 'by cart or palanquin or ship, or boat. Walker enjoys a view of the winding road and easily avoids the fallen branches because he has time to notice and feel the space between himself and obstacles. Your Wren and Martin link says that the article is omitted, i. I have answered the same question here. It has long been normal to go hiking for several days.

traveling foot

I go to school by feet. I'll upvote this very spartan answer if you could provide a brief summary from the link English lessons Brightonwhich you posted on your ELL post. By itself, traveling foot, the journey on foot is no art. How far should we walk on a daily basis depends on our individual decision. Everything depends on our desire, order and time that you have available. At such times [as traveling foot a plague of locusts] the people depart from their own Country, so that wee have found all the wayes full of men and women, travelling on foot with their children in their arms, and upon their heads, going into other Countries, where they might finde food, which was a pitiful thing to behold. If it was the correct usage, it'd have been mentioned as. But after a warsaw krakow train travel days, our body is trained and our mind becomes one with the body and the moment that surrounds it. Thanks for the opportunity! I think it is much older than you. Discuss the workings and policies of this site. The existence of safe shelters and accommodation makes it easier.

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Traveling foot - tour fast

This Ngram makes this clearer: using TinyURL to compress the size of the address. I recorded videos whenever I felt like it and took quite a few photos. The incredulity might have been disbanded by an Ngram search.

traveling foot