Vietnam travel tips

vietnam travel tips

In the rush for tourist cash, locals (tailors, hotel staff, travel agents, taxi . My first trip to Vietnam, my friend Paul and I gave ourselves 11 .. I read so many blogs about Vietnam travel tips but your blog is really helpful to me.
Latest travel advice for Vietnam including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health.
A old ex-pat with the pen name "Our Man in Hanoi" offers advice to budget travelers. The first thing you have to realize is that nothing is what it seems....

Vietnam travel tips - going cheap

Gill Whitelegg, London Motorcycle memories Travelling through Vietnam by motorcycle may not be to everybody's taste, but for me it was the best ride of my life. Until then, happy to connect in the virtual world. Tell everyone else to go to Thailand instead. They will be able to give you bargaining guidelines. And there are many opportunities to get in touch with Vietnam's war past. And I just feel sad knowing that those people may never give Vietnam another chance, which is a loss for both them and the country. Anywhere I go, I love rooftop bars. The Pandow Line boat RV Mekong Pandow was clean, the food and accommodation were excellent and the staff very attentive.

vietnam travel tips

They need the money. Vietnam has mock meat! Always go to stalls that you see many Vietnamese at. Soup that has been sitting too long is often the culprit. I do know that for some countries like in south america the more local you go take public transportation, eat at small local restaurants the easier it is to be tourist trap free, but would this apply to Vietnam as well? When is the best time to visit Vietnam? You travel guides kuala lumpur malaysia you are confident because you have google map. Take a free walking tour in Hanoi. Vietnam travel tips be careful with your money.

Vietnam Travel Health and Safety Advice

Vietnam travel tips - tour

My husband and i will be going to hanoi next week but will be staying there for only two days. Vietnamese people know their country is bizarre. What a nice offer! Others go to Dalat to participate in a host of adventure sports that happen within a naturally beautiful backdrop. Don't miss the ancient port of Hoi An with its wooden houses, market and Japanese covered bridge. People will rip you off sometimes. After two weeks in Vietnam, it was the first time I could really listen to the birds and feel at peace. Holler up and share your thoughts!

vietnam travel tips

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People sometimes trying to take advantage of the — predictable -confusion with local currency. Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of. Vietnam is much more than a war, but you can't put what you experience in the country into context without knowing something about it.

vietnam travel tips