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Versuri " Travelin ' man" de Bob Seger: Up with the sun, gone with the wind, / She always said I was lazy. / Leavin' my home, leavin' my friends, / Runnin' when.
Versuri "Get out of denver" de Bob Seger: [Version 1] / I still remember it was autumn and the Hay down our motor mount and snowin, we was travelin further.
W Made It, rezultatele căutarii pe situl Versuri Bob Seger - Travelin ' man Travelin ' man, love when I can, / Turn loose my hand 'cause I'm goin'....

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Get outta Denver better go, go. Night moves I remember the night moves. I figured I was all set for life.

But all around the world, wherever dust is whirled. I used her she used me, but neither one cared. My Oklahoma woman blowed away. Versuri sensul: Astea sunt amintirile pe care mi-a facut un suflet bogat. Made it to Loveland Pass in under less than half an hour. Break A hooked up babtist preachin souther funky school teacher. Artisti: Django Reinhardt Django Reinhardt. Ohh, ohh, can't have it all.


Versuri seger travelin -- expedition

Some is from my Oklahoma home. Night moves yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember. A Thousand Years Lyrics. All I had to do was lay my money down and pick it up. Night moves god, I remember. Those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul.