What bullets travel faster than speed sound

what bullets travel faster than speed sound

The first thing to keep in mind is that the speed of sound is not a constant; it will vary depending Do bullets travel faster than the speed of sound when shot from a gun? If not, is it possible? If they do, what gun and how much devastation o.
31 Mar, AskScience AMA Series: Gregory Matloff, Interstellar Travel If a bullet travels faster than the speed of sound why doesn't it create a.
Yes, bullets travel faster than the speed of sound. That is why if someone was to shoot a target from a distance and you were standing beside the target, you.

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Furthermore, because it happens at almost the same instant as the explosion inside the gun itself, we don't differentiate between the two sounds. Therefore your question isn't stated in terms which lend themselves to a specific yes-or-no answer. Kincaid once stated that if he wanted to kill Dresden, he'd use a supersonic round from a sniper rifle to do it, so that Dresden would die before he heard the bullet and realized he needed to ready a death curse. In reality you do hear bullets "whiz by" when they pass nearby, even if the sound of the actual gunshot hasn't reached you yet. For example, a sharper object creates a sharper Mach cone. Hate to hijack this thread... For those of you who got some military training don't try it with your riffles! Know someone interested in this topic?

I don't know, but I would guess that you wouldn't be able to distinguish the "boom" of a passing supersonic bullet universe whats going munich the sound of the gun firing. If you google 'subsonic ammo' you'll get many hits relating to using subsonic ammunition with suppressors silencers and reviews thereof. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff bse-soviet-encyclopedia.info. My WAG, however, is that the area would be so small that the wave wouldn't have very much energy behind it, and would attenuate pretty quickly. The question is the brain, and I think the answer is that even an "instant" death isn't really so instant.

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  • Will you hear the shot before it kills you? I'd think that if you could hear the boom from a supersonic round that you'd also be able to hear the bullet ripping through the bse-soviet-encyclopedia.info do you think the sonic boom is, if not "the bullet ripping through the air"?
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  • Subsonics, a suppressor, and a good scope are also an excellent mix for dealing with a pack of wild dogs for country dwellers. Ask Anything Wednesday - Economics, Political science, Linguistics, Anthropology.

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Not all handgun bullets go supersonic but many do. There are some designs of weapons with built-in silencer, which have simply small holes along the barrel that let excess gases away and thus slow bullets to subsonic speeds. PDA All in the title. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Guns and Gunplay Tropes. Since the market for those is pretty small, and the design work is exacting, there aren't all that many models produced. In short, some guns, especially older ones and handguns, will actually follow this trope..

what bullets travel faster than speed sound