Travel journey discovery peru exceeds expectations

travel journey discovery peru exceeds expectations

Journey high above Peru to discover the Inca civilization's ancient city, Machu Picchu. Amazon River meets a bustling port town in this isolated region of Peru.
The unique travel concept of Peru Cultural Journeys affords visitors a rare reveals the magic of Peru with an authenticity that will surely exceed your expectations. For example, Peru Cultural Journeys alone lets you discover Machu Picchu.
Journey of discovery to Peru exceeds expectations . It's difficult to arrange, and potentially dangerous to travel, the Inca Trail independently..

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Rains are expected to continue for few. Without a doubt after seeing Machu Picchu during the day and then rising early the next morning to go back to the top and watch the sun rise above the mountain peaks. This is especially a good opportunity in wet season giving you a second opportunity to see Machu Picchu in good clear weather!.

Create a new password. The trail is perfectly safe during the rainy season. Can I rent one? Thomas John now resides bi-coastally in both New York City and Los Angeles, CA. And trekking up Ollantaytambo and hydro-foiling thru Lake Titikaka and seeing La Paz added even more to this "adventure", "travel journey discovery peru exceeds expectations". This wealth of information becomes the solid groundwork from which you can discern the Inca wonders. His focus is to remind the world that traditional belief systems are valid and that Andean cosmology and practices are a valuable part of universal wealth. The food on the trip was some of the best we have eaten in South America. All of our top guides must be educated in the field of tourism, most of them obtained a University degree, first aid assistance and completely fluent in English. Hotel accommodations were first class. Also noteworthy was the fabulous farewell dinner at a culinary institute in La Paz. You just need to remember that you are able to go at a speed that is comfortable for you.

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  • The hotel at Machu Pichu was at the town of Machu Pichu instead of the the top right at Machu Pichu which required a wait for the public bus to the top. We also went to a sacred place where the giant people entered into the world and Ernesto, our guide, played the bowls and did a ceremony. We've sent you an email with instructions to create a new password.
  • Travel journey discovery peru exceeds expectations
  • This city in the clouds exceeds expectations, yet so does much of Peru. If you still want more, climbing Huayna Picchu provides yet another hour and a half round trip.
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  • We climbed to the top of the ruins of Machu Picchu on the second morning in the rain and cloud forest.

Travel journey discovery peru exceeds expectations journey

Call us to reserve your next adventure. And trekking up Ollantaytambo and hydro-foiling thru Lake Titikaka and seeing La Paz added even more to this "adventure". The trip to Machu Picchu was a most desired trip and it didnt disappoint me. If you have a bit of extra time we recommend you choose the Inca Trail tour option:. You can cancel your O. We will help distribute the items to people who really need them in small village schools and communities in the mountains of Lares.

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MAGIC CUSCO, Valle Sagrado y Machu Picchu. Tourist-superior and tourist class accommodation is also available. Climbing up to the Valley of the Moon in LePas and visiting the Reed Island as well as Sun and Taquil Islands - we felt as we were in another world. Some of the haciendas we visited would be lovely to stay for a longer time. Argentina , Bolivia , Brazil , Chile , Colombia ,. I know that the energy, love, and joy I experienced in Peru will always be with me. If you are a vegetarian, or cannot eat gluten or have allergies to certain foods, it will not be a problem. Except in one tour where the guide, in my opinion, was not so professional but I must say that guide was not employee of SAS was low season and even if I booked the tour with SAS , as it normally happens in that cases, the trip was in cooperation with another agency , in all the other tours I always found great persons extremely prepared and speaking a very good English.