Which city would prefer travel shanghai hong kong

which city would prefer travel shanghai hong kong

From left: In Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. FOR the first-time visitor to China, planning a trip to the most populous country on earth can be an Holdovers from this ancient city's time as the nexus of China's political and While some of the hutongs, like the tourist -mobbed Nanlouguxiang, are long.
for a side trip. We like places that feel fairly authentic and not built for or just to cater to tourists. If it is your first trip to China, I would suggest Beijing+ Shanghai. Hong Kong can still be hot in October, but not extremely so.
I really like Asian cities and have visited Singapore (twice), Bangkok, Kuala I've just realised that I can fly to Hong Kong, then Shanghai then...

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Hong Kong has a stunning natural setting the bay, the mountains, etc but still maintains quite a British feel to it, which might or might not appeal to you. It is westernised, but I can guarantee you wont find a western city that looks like HK!! The scene is a time capsule in a city that is changing at warp speed. Shanghai is a multi-cultural metrpolois with both modern and tranditional Chinese features. Get Today's Headlines in your inbox:. You might even say I was oblivious to it, walking among its tree-lined boulevards everyday.

which city would prefer travel shanghai hong kong

Please use your travel money to go to a more interesting destination. For only a week, I would make it only traveling america city - like Shanghai and the aforementioned lake towns like Suzhou which are very pretty and historically significant. Have not been to HK recently, so maybe someone else can speak to. Customized delivery options such as Sunday only, Fri. Shanghai has nothing of historical or tourist must sees as it's a new Chinese travel guides denmark tips copenhagen. I don't get the same impression from the other two, which are interesting but the culture differences don't seem that seeable. City lights: While Shanghai might generally be less elegant thank Hong Kong, it can still draw visitors. Hong Kong Hotels with Kitchenette. Beijing easily is the first choice with the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, and. If you only have one week, I would choose either Shanghai or Beijing. Is it cheaper to live in Shanghai or Beijing? Chinese New Year - What to Expect! British Indian Ocean Territory. Originally Posted by Deezus. Star this if you like it! So given what we're looking for--what suggestions for China--either one of the major cities and surrounding areas or another region--would you recommend? Hong Kong Downtown Hotels. You have to work a bit harder, however, to find the most unusual of these British holdover experiences.

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  • As I savor my cup while trying not to get run over by the stream of honking delivery trucks pushing their way down the crowded street, it dawns on me that the beverage is a metaphor for Hong Kong.

Which city would prefer travel shanghai hong kong -- flying

Try to return to Hong Kong before hordes of tourists pour onto the sidewalks by midafternoon. Continue reading the main story. It is a local version of Starbucks with impressive views of the entire city below. After this I am leaning more towards Dubai.

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In general, salaries in Shanghai are a bit higher than in Beijing. Travelers interested in this topic also viewed... Why are you reporting this?