Travel tips cinque terre

travel tips cinque terre

A comprehensive budget travel guide to Cinque Terre on the Italian coast with tips and advice on things to do/see, ways to save money, and cost information.
Cinque Terre, Italy is a fairytale destination. In order to help others prepare for a trip here, we've compiled our best travel tips for this area of Italy.
It takes between three and twenty-five minutes by train to travel between them. There are also walking trails that connect them. See my Hiking Cinque Terre Trail....

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I would rather drive in a car as far as possible than take a train the whole day. The Italian railway website is, and the least expensive way to travel to each village by boat is on the ferry. Think we may book a tour with you and will look at your site.

How to Take the Train from Florence to Cinque Terre

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Let me know if you think this is really not advisable. Planning a trip to Cinque Terre in August. Hotels with Shuttle in Cinque Terre.

travel tips cinque terre

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We traveled in May and had an extremely hard time finding any vacancies in the villages. It was a place that immediately went on my must-see list.

travel tips cinque terre