Trips south america list

trips south america list

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The time has come to share my two cents on how to pack for a trip to South America. I was 99% happy with my packing: I used almost.
Wondering what to pack for South America? So 18 months ago I packed for my big Latin American adventure and I shared my backpacker packing list...

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Your DMC in South America - exclusive partner for the travel industry. I am leaving for South America in a weeks time. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are the preferred means of exploration. You do it in your own time, so you can go a bit more slowly if you need to, especially when climbing up the steep staircases. I want to visit all of them! Curt recently posted… Beer Mustard Marinade Reply Reply. Also had a big padlock for lockers that I eventually got rid of in exchange for small combination locks. I brought water because I drink a lot and I had read that it was expensive to buy at the start of the trail and not available further up.

You can never go wrong with layers! Except sadly it was in Toronto at a bar and my shoe broke in half! Im doin the Inca Trail in October so goin to bring hiking boots and instead of wearing heavy trousers i was thinking of maybe leggings? Thanks for the advice. Also, should I bring travel salesman problem java rain jacket or a soft shell? Base layers — What are your thoughts on these? As travelers we all have to make our own decisions about these things. The book includes travel guides for the trips south america list regions of Argentina as well as a tiny trekking guide for El Chaltén and Ushuaia. I am a big fan of leggings and think I will be living in these whilst out there but I have read some reports that tight clothing attracts them more but does that depend on the time of year? Warm weather clothes are travel madridspainacheaperwaytofromairporttohotel so its okay if you bring too much but cold weather clothes are heavy and bulky. Personally, I bring clothes. Bring half the clothes you think you need and twice the money seems to work. So glad to see my country Bolivia with such beautiful pictures in your post! Suggested packing list - South America. Director of Crocus Communications.

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  • But they take up very little room. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email About Hey, my name is Steve. Sophie recently posted… Reading the past with the Rosetta Stone.
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  • I did find that first aid stuff was definitely helpful bandaids, polysporin, tylonal, gravol, Imodium!

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Locals often dress quite smartly, and backpackers do stand out with all their hi-tech outdoor gear. My zip off pants were very practical and I did wear them places like Machu Picchu but not in cities as I felt like a grungy gringo backpacker. Packing Challenges You Face When Traveling Alone. South America is definitely on the list. Bolivia is so underrated and it has so many beautiful options to offer….