Trip ideas astrological sign travel

trip ideas astrological sign travel

Vacation all you ever wanted? It will be, if you take your astrological chart into account. We got the scoop from astrologer Kelli Fox on the best.
Our personalities are at least partially influenced by our zodiac sign so there is nothing wrong with consulting with the stars before you go.
Check out the best travel destinations suited to your zodiac sign. 40 Free Things to Do on Your European Vacation. Slide 1 of 25: Aries..

Trip ideas astrological sign travel - - travel

Leos are a powerful people whose good and bad moods can really affect those around you, so you'll want to be sure and choose a destination that will give you the structure to keep you smiling, but can still show off a little dramatic flare. Take a Contiki tour through multiple European cities or book a Living Local Tour through GAdventures, and see what daily life in Tuscany really is like. Focused on quality over quantity, Capricorns would prefer a few, amazing trips than dozens of mediocre vacations.
trip ideas astrological sign travel

Those born under this sign are naturally analytical and highly discriminating. Mykonos, Greece: To party until dawn. You Love: Exploring unfamiliar territory AKA the farther, the betterplaces with a ton of history, national parks, spontaneity, unplanned adventuring "The mutable fire of Sagittarius, the Archer, brings a sense of evolution. The Aquarius is a humanitarian who is greatly affected by injustices at home and abroad. In astrology, the Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur, armed with a bow and ready for the hunt. Ideal vacation: Island hopping in Croatia or a long weekend in big city like Berlin or Rome. Japan: For a deep cultural and spiritual experience.

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Those born under this sign are naturally analytical and highly discriminating. Be sure to stay for more than a weekend to explore the trails and spot wildlife like black bears and woodpeckers. Managing Lifestyle Editor, The Huffington Post. You Aquarius folk are an eclectic bunch.

Trip ideas astrological sign travel - travel

Libras love tranquility and have a penchant for the romantic and charming. Here you can escape reality by checking in to a yoga retreat and enjoying all of the beautiful sites this Mexican coastal town has to offer. How we can improve? Curious and imaginative, Aquarians like to steer clear of usual tourist trails and are least likely to let a travel guidebook dictate their plans. For more, follow ElleDecor on Pinterest. As the zodiac's fish, Pisces always want lots of room to roam. Shunning the obvious, they are most intrigued by locations that are off the radar.