Travel tips seoul south korea

travel tips seoul south korea

Here is my feelings and tips for visiting this city especially for first timer from North America: travel: Better stick to Korean Air if South Korea.
Here is a list of tips that I think will be helpful for North Americans to know If you are traveling to South Korea, eat Korean food instead of looking for Western restaurants. If you plan on visiting Seoul or Busan, expect to do A LOT of walking.
Enjoy the beauty of Seoul – and minimize your travel expenses, too! South Korea is a great gateway for Filipinos who want to travel to a new location, (READ: 6 tips: Beginner's guide to Airbnb, an alternative to hotels).

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I am learning the language, but the fact of being surrounded by the language will definetly make it easier haha. It amazes me how much more calm and efficient the foreign airports are compared to the U. Thanks for the tips! Getting your attraction tickets. Seoul Bed and Breakfast. If you forget to bring some, your hotel will most likely provide them or you can pick them up at the Korean markets.
travel tips seoul south korea

Three Insider Travel Tips for South Korea

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If you have a smart phone and pocket wifi, then you can just show them from your phone. Hotels near N Seoul Tower.