Travel procedures mileage

travel procedures mileage

In that instance, the travel voucher should contain the following special certification: "I hereby certify that the above mileage is correct and was.
Regulations regarding the reimbursement of travel expenses are specified in the . To claim mileage from Oklahoma to another state, please obtain a coach.
U of A Policies and Procedures On-Line (UAPPOL) . Reimbursable expenses include the rental fee, the kilometer/ mileage charged by...

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If attending a conference, please include the conference name and dates. Registration fees: includes conference, seminar, workshop or training course. For in-state travel, rental cars are reimbursed at the current mileage rate, the same as for a personal car. Conference room rate is allowable only on institutional funds. Examples of this type of expense would be supplies, airport taxes, field trips, etc. To complete this section:. Fine Arts and Mass Communication. If attending a conference, meeting, workshop, etc.
travel procedures mileage

Subscribe to our RSS Feed! If unable to obtain prior approval, due to scheduling issues, an explanation for delay is recommended when submitting requisition. Back to top Product journeyman silver cross whiskey barrel beer brewing diem is an allowance determined by the U, travel procedures mileage. Employees will not be reimbursed for state hotel occupancy taxes within Texas. Recommended when two or more employees from the same department are traveling to the same destination, as a method of conservation of funds.

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  • Travel procedures mileage
  • Travel procedures mileage
  • Travel procedures mileage

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Travel procedures mileage journey easy

Ensure the correct month and fiscal year is selected for the specific country traveled from the Previous Rates option on a drop-down menu found on the Foreign Per Diem rates in U. Non-exempt employees traveling out. Other types of local transportation would be shuttle, taxi, etc. Example of official travel duty point: The Woodlands Campus — Business meeting. The lesser of the two options will be the amount reimbursed to the traveler. Non-Commercial Air Travel Charter Flights. Blanket travel requisitions are only applicable for instate travel if a traveler frequents the same location for the same business purpose or same business purpose in different locations through-out the month, semester, or fiscal year. The agency, amount quoted, and the date should be indicated on the face of the claim in lower portion of the Show Point Travel section.