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wiki first grinnell expedition

The First Soviet Antarctic Expedition was led by Mikhail Somov; his scientific deputy was V. G. Kort. The expedition lasted from 30 November 1955 to 1957 and.
The Second Grinnell Expedition of 1853 was an American effort, financed by Henry Grinnell, Grinnell financed a first polar expedition, which set out from New York in May 1850 under Lieutenant Edwin De Haven on the brigs USS Rescue.
23 May 1850 – Left New York Harbor on the First Grinnell Expedition, commanded by Acting Master Samuel P. Griffin, with USS Advance...

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Those that remained with Kane on the Advance quickly began winter preparations. Barbara Schweger, an Arctic clothing specialist, and Roger Amy, a pathologist, assisted in the investigation. They concluded that the men whose graves had been found on Beechey Island most likely died of pneumonia and perhaps tuberculosis and that lead poisoning may have worsened their health, owing to badly soldered cans held in the ships' food stores. Captain Arturo Prat Base. London: Faber and Faber. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Hobson's party, accompanied by archaeologist Margaret Bertulli, investigated the "summer camp" found a few miles to the south of Cape Felix, where some minor Franklin relics were found. wiki first grinnell expedition

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  • The increased daylight, exercise and liberal rations of sauerkraut and lime juice began to reduce the symptoms of scurvy among the crew. McClintock noted a large quantity of heavy goods in the lifeboat at the "boat place" and thought them "a mere accumulation of dead weight, of little use, and very likely to break down the strength of the sledge-crews". When the leads failed, the boats were again man-hauled across the ice.
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Kane led the Second Grinnell Expedition , failing to locate any new information regarding Franklin and ultimately abandoning the Advance to the ice. Evidence of a carpenter's shop was found closer to the beach. The Final Days of the Franklin Expedition: New Skeletal Evidence. Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online.

wiki first grinnell expedition