Write blog about travel india

write blog about travel india

Shivya Nath is a young Indian travel writer on a mission to discover and write about lesser known destinations. Her blog 'Shooting Star'.
How a tweet from Sir Ken Robinson made me realize why I write about travel in India. My story.
In she received the title of 'Best Travel Blogger ' at the Indian she is a full time traveler, blogger, travel writer and also a photographer..

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Much Thanks for sharing your history so openly. I do not know what I will do when I get to my destination, but I still feel the draw.

Like you, I am drawn to going some place Barcelona, Spain and I do not know why. We are all struggling, and you just never know how exposing your struggle can help someone. Window shop at Bara Bazaar. Inspiring many, they unravel the write blog about travel india destinations and take you to a fascinating journey with their tales and photographs. I am an Indian…If you come next time I will surely meet you and will give you my city kolkata tour. Re: Round-The-World Ticket VS One-Ways You look beautiful in that black n white photo. There were some low points, too: my best friend killed. What I do have — the most precious and exquisite thing — is the re discovery of yoga in my life, write blog about travel india. Though I was the oldest and least flexible person in my class, I threw myself into the training program and midway through, had a strange, kundalini-like experience. The second big trip of the year with the husband, after Myanmar in January — Meghalaya and Assam in November A post-graduate class reunion in Ahmedabad and then a couple of day trips to Patan for the gorgeous Rani ki Vav stepwell and Nalsarovar for the flamingos The Grand Dragon Hotel in Ladakh — in the middle of a frigid winter in January, the Gustor festival at Spituk monastery and a trip to Lamayuru along frozen roads… The long weekend in mid August — a semi forest homestay in Masinagudi, lots of elephant sightings from closeby and this walk in the clouds near Ooty I also managed a lot of wildlife related activities during my travels even when they were not specifically wildlife focused — look out for the next post coming up on this topic. On top of being a media professional, she is a full time traveler, blogger, travel writer and also a photographer. Be On the Travel vacations turkey first class tour.

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  • In fact I think it is deeply underrated. When you travel long, you usually go deeper under the skin of a place. Everything happens for a reason, though sometimes it takes awhile before we can see it that why, and understand.
  • Wishing you continued success, passion, heartful connections in your travels. It also focuses on the challenges that local people face, and what travelers could do to understand local culture and traditions better.
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  • You should be proud of yourself! I normally try to recommend you to people for guidance related to India.

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At a hygienic space that feels like a posh hotel and still doesn't take a toll on your pockets? To see Spencer now, you would never know that at one point he was not happy in life. Recent Travel Blogs A Beautiful Trip to Andaman Andaman has one of the most beautiful beaches in India. What you do is for yourself. They used to tease me to the cheapest possible level.

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Shivya Nath is a young female adventurer on a mission to inspire other young women to travel solo and be independent. Blogging to him has become a medium through which he shares his ideas and views to his readers. Sometimes i wish the journey never ends. Accommodation in Valparai - Homestays and Hotels in Valparai Are you looking for hotels, resorts, homestays or lodges in Valparai? I feel we must be kindred spirits!