Travel tips standby buddy pass

travel tips standby buddy pass

Like any gamble, volunteering to travel standby —essentially Standby and buddy pass travelers are at the bottom of the airline's priority list.
A friend of mine attempted to use a buddy pass to travel to New York on one If your name is indeed called on the stand-by list and you are not.
a blog post regarding tips on how to travel on a buddy pass. has unused buddy passes by way of an airline, which can require flying standby....

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How to Hike the Inca Trail on a Budget. You are representing the person who gave you the buddy pass. This may sound like the dramatic climax of a harrowing tale of escape, and in a sense it is. Traveling across the country is currently taking a back seat to discovering all there is to see and do in beautiful Florida though. The domestic bag will go without you.
travel tips standby buddy pass


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I was traveling before and the standby rundown has a couple of names with no weather problems. For those airlines who sell standby tickets readily to the public, you should be able to acquire one simply by contacting the customer service agents at the airline. International Español Home Regions U. This article is for those people. First things first: Know the rules. How To Order Coffee On Your Next Flight!

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Otherwise, anyone else can request same day standby for a fee while checking in online or at the airport. Leave this field empty. Tell Us Your Preferences. With some airlines the only way to purchase a standby ticket is to be a spouse, child or other relative or friend of an employee of the airline. If you have checked in early online, with airlines that offer that service, you can skip the ticket counter altogether, unless checking bags, and use the ticket you printed out online to head straight to the gate. I did not worry, because I am on the flight and the gate has closed. I wanted to be a travel agent when I was younger but instead I became a flight attendant.