Travel nurse benefits

travel nurse benefits

How much do travel nurses make? Get access to travel nursing salary and benefits information from NursesRx, the nation' s leading travel nursing agency.
As a traveler with Onward Healthcare, you can expect a travel nursing salary and benefits package that's among the nursing industry's most competitive.
How much do travel nurses make? Learn more about traveling nurse salary and travel nursing benefits at, the authority in travel nursing....

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Our partners offer the convenience and security of having your paycheck electronically deposited directly into your bank account. OT Occupational Therapy COTA Travel.

travel nurse benefits

Office Locations Cincinnati, OH. Some positions offer even more hours per week! Administration - Nursing Supervisor. If you are a current traveler. Pet Education and Training. Choose the travel nurse industry leader, travel nurse benefits. As a part of our commitment to career advancement and education, American Traveler offers unlimited free continuing education credits to our travelers. Travel Nursing Salary and Bonuses. Travel nurses are usually guaranteed a minimum number of hours for every assignment, which can include overtime pay rates. We love pets and will find pet-friendly housing for you. Do I need to be a whiz at math and science?

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  • Direct deposit is the most convenient way to access your travel nursing salary, no matter where your travels may take you.
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  • Taking a break between travel nursing jobs? Design Your Ideal Job.
  • ER Emergency Room Mid Shift. To ensure a worry-free travel experience, we provides comprehensive professional liability insurance and worker's compensation for traveling healthcare professionals. Sign-on, completion and referral bonuses.

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We have loved every minute of traveling and experiencing new things together. Advantage RN will be happy to pay the licensing fee for you for the state licensure needed for your upcoming assignment. Have a question about which assignment to take next, or the quickest route to your new hospital? PTA Physical Therapy Assistant. Travel nursing salaries may differ, depending on specialty, location and type of facility.

travel nurse benefits