Travel months asia itinerary

travel months asia itinerary

I have travelled all over the world and Southeast Asia remains my favorite region to travel. “But how much time do you really need to see.
Hi All, Booked my RTW trip last week kicking off with 3 months in SE Asia. I fly to Bangkok on 30 June and then fly out from Singapore on.
Looking for an Itinerary for 6 month travelling Southeast Asia?? Look no further! I spent months planning my 6 month trip and so would love to....

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I chose the bus ride as it was the most cost efficient route. I was speaking recently with someone who did Vietnam north to south, then Cambodia, then north into Laos along its spine and on to Luang Prabang, then into northern Thailand and ending on the Thai beaches in the south. I'm giving SaPa a miss, beautiful though it may be, as it's a trekking paradise but not for me. Check out some of my favorite sites such as Momondo and Skyscanner to find the lowest prices. History buffs will love it and for everyone else it makes for a nice stop on the way to the North of Thailand. All other countries have visa on arrival for most passports. Vietnam was the first stop on my journey.

Lots of Vietnam War sites nearby and a pretty decent traveller scene. As far as travelling solo goes this should be totally fine in either country, though out of the two I would actually say Myanmar is the most worry-free. I really adore your blog because it is full of good travels around the world. I am looking to travel to two countries in south east asia. Think hill stations, collonial architecture, waterfalls and the freshest produce in Vietnam including local wine! It would be a shame to spoil the ship for a hap'orth of travel guangzhouchinainside I kid you not. Maybe apply for my Chinese Visa or until I figure out on what I want to do "travel months asia itinerary" the next few months until I finally decide to go to South America. I highly recommend this hotel. Best of the Rest.

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  • Travel months asia itinerary
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  • I would love to hear your opinion on it! Thank you for giving so much of your time to help novice travelers.

Travel Tips & Guide to Southeast Asia - 8 Months of Backpacking Experience

Travel months asia itinerary - going

Thank You, -Gen Hi Gen! Once all content has been copied, this article should be made into a redirect. It was definitely fun because this time I traveled slower and without a fixed itinerary in mind.

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Travel smithsonian journeys quarterly venice I get my Vietnam visa in Laos and then exit Laos by land and enter Vietnam. Holy See Vatican City State. It would be a shame to spoil the ship for a hap'orth of tar! A trip later in the year would take me to Thailand and Laos. Ko Samui- A large and very westernised island that tends to attract more mainstream tourism than travel guides shenzhen china travelling in South East Asia on a budget. Fairlie recently posted… Advent activities in Australia Reply. But, if you can squeeze in one more day, then go for it.