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· TriPrague Half – No excuses! 31st July This is going to be a long blog, so I suggest you read.
Only 4 weeks for Tarsh and 2 weeks for Trav, post their respective Ironmans they took on @ triprague half iron on Saturday. Tough race on tired bodies, they felt.
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Very funny but very sad at the same time. I was just thinking back about Triyas like I do every year. How do I always do this….. I saw a lot of people from Dubai, congrats to everyone who mastered this test and conquered. They build in a hill that was really long and took a substantial effort to get up twice. In Walensee, Switzerland at the moment. This is going to be a long blog, so I suggest you read this whilst on a commute to work, or…. Pre race lead up.

I am sorry it has taken over a month to update my blog! I always like that because you are very honestly shown how good you are and how you measure up against. I crossed the finish line, triprague half excuses, found Travis and began balling my eyes. How has your family life, work changed? Andreas Buergi was the running gag of the weekend. Check out our facebook page and give it a like. Mixture of road, cobblestones, park, riverfront, and uphill. What are or were your feelings you experience doing sports before the competition, in the race, after the race? I needed to feel my hands. It is definitely a long blog but I had so much to say.

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  • Justice for all album, Harvester of Sorrow.
  • We were able to get up, eat breakfast, be relaxed leading to heading over to the race start. Original style from Australia!
  • When I was hurting on the run leg, I thought about friend Dylan Howells, who suddenly lost his life and my miscarriage. Ok, some better than .

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Beat the heads in, then shake hands. Has the risk of an accident or other problems ever tempted you to stop being an athlete? Find me on Facebook. Justice for all album, Harvester of Sorrow. The course once out of the main city, is along a freeway. What experience gives you the belief that you can do it, either in sports or in life?