Wiki vehicle miles traveled

wiki vehicle miles traveled

In a StreetsWiki entry on zero VMT vehicles, Streetsblog regular gecko proposes that a focus on shifting mode share to human-powered.
VMT may refer to: Vallejo Music Theatre, a community theater company in Vallejo, California since Valtion Metallitehtaat, (Finnish) State Metal Works, see.
We're seeing more about VMT in the national media as rising gas prices cause people to drive less. Largely absent from the coverage — so far.

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Even more importantly, as cycling and zero VMT usage replaces car driving and greatly improves transit, there will likely be an accelerating canceling affect. Puget Sound Regional Council. Carey School of Business at ASU.
wiki vehicle miles traveled

8 CARS THAT HIT 1,000,000 MILES!

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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title VMT. These suburban cities arose in the last half of twentieth-century America, based largely on the success of the single-family home, shopping centers, and the automobile. France, Belgium and Russia all have truck-based systems under development. A higher number is more favorable. The report also emphasized that both tire taxes and vehicle mile traveled taxes would have to be rated based on weight-per-axle to properly distribute wear-related costs of highway use. It is agreed that VMT is a rather unfortunate metric and smacks of jargon, but where it is used bicycles are not mentioned since bicycles provide no real contribution to the statistics except that wide-spread use will lower energy, emissions, and congestion values which is the main purpose of the VMT metric.

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