Travel tips women wear travelling india

travel tips women wear travelling india

You don't want to dress like a “backpacker” with cargo pants, or a tourist in Ali Baba pants Read more: 10 tips for your first time in India It's the LEGS that Indian women traditional cover, so this will really put men into a tizzy and make.
What's the current advice for women travellers to India? Only the US advises women against all solo travel in India, noting that verbal and no proven link between revealing dress and sex crimes, in India western standards.
When packing for a trip to India, be sure to leave your tank tops, shorts and miniskirts at home. In this conservative country, both men and women wear.

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Subscribe to my mailing list for weekly updates. Some of them have bold and bright patterns and some are completely plain. Ditto for the Irish butter. In Bangalore she could probably wear shorts, but not the other places. Hopefully you'll find your own, too. They are Indian and get less stares in general, and can also tell someone in Hindi to eff off for bothering them. The huge majority of Indian people you meet are friendly, amazing, curious, generous and so warm hearted.

travel tips women wear travelling india

I would also like to use a hair travel tips women wear travelling india. Thank you for this!!! Save money on baggage fees. One should surely visit India to enjoy its diversity, colors, nature and most importantly the Indian FOOD Very sensible tips and I think the common sense tips apply to many parts of the world and not just India. Wearing these things establishes that you have already bought some, and you know the deal. Well written and full of good, balanced and fair advice Interesting read Anna. My hubby and I will be traveling to India at the end of the month. Thanks for your comment, Katie! I have so many questions! I also one day would love to travel somewhere with nothing and just buy all my clothes. Next to the Hotel Imperial. In some cases the local people actually gave me bindis to wear, so I assumed that was acceptable.

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  • Travel tips women wear travelling india
  • I usually wear knee length skirts, fitted tops, or a cami with a cardigan.
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If you take skirts make sure they are at. I think Goa is still my favourite place in the world to watch the sunset - where's yours? Make sure you read till the end because the last tip is the best and most important!

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Simply ignore the stares and. Love this article great tips. Thank you so much, Jessica! Would that be ok?? Tight jeans are common in modern cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, but the same jeans will attract unwanted attention anywhere else. Post Office Travel Money. Your email address will not be published. Whenever I travel to warm locations I have the same hair routine: wash with shampoo and conditioner, add a bit of serum to wet hair, and then air dry.

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