Traveling wilburys album review

traveling wilburys  album review

Classic rock album by the Traveling Wilburys. Bob Dylan (as Lucky Wilbury) - Lead & Backing Vocals, Vocal Sample, Acoustic Guitar George Harrison (as.
Review of Volume 1 by Traveling Wilburys. Part of Classic Rock Review's celebration of the 25th anniversary of 1988 albums and our album of.
TRAVELING WILBURYS VOLUME ONE Traveling Wilburys Wilbury as a "fixer" producer brought in recently to oversee successful albums for....

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In it, Dylan and George Harrison--with John dead, Mick lost, and Paul busy working with Elvis Costello--are joined by Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, and the late Roy Orbison, on the penultimate recording of his career. This is a good album, and if you're a fan of any of these artists, it's worth picking up. Lynne tosses in some cascading synth lines that are just the right touch.

Bob Dylan very often seems to be telling some kind of story that many don't understand, but, i guess that's part of the reasons why we love him, right? The result is one of the high points of Orbison's career and perhaps the most accomplished single track produced by any rock band this year. Rock n Roll from the vinyl era. George Harrison — Guitars, Vocals. A low-key masterpiece, Volume One marks the auspicious debut of the Traveling Wilburys — Lucky Wilbury a. End of the Line- A great way to end the album, with a nice upbeat intro and all the Wiburies sing together here, which is a treat. Man he has an incredible voice. But when paired with the debut on this set, it's a worthy companion and helps support the notion that the Traveling Wilburys were a band that possesses a unique, almost innocent, charm that isn't diminished after all this time, traveling wilburys album review. Looking back via The Traveling Wilburysthe group's success seems all the more remarkable because the first album is surely, even proudly, not a major statement. All Album Reviews Displayed With Permission of Authors Privacy Policy. Petty and Lynne usually stay in the background - they do have an occasional. Your email address will not be published. I wouldn't want to make any travel pride prejudice sites from movie judgements. Heading for the Light. It was a hoax dreamed up by Greil Marcus and Bruce Miroff and perpetrated in the form of a record review in the pages of Rolling Stone. According to Wilbury legend, all the Traveling Wilburys have different mothers but the same father. Kind of a twisted story, with Tweeter being a transsexual Viet Nam. But since they all were signed. Like the two notable Petty contributions, all three suffer from an obvious carelessness and haste in construction: cliches fill out lyrics, and narratives end up pointless.

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