Travel info popular routes melbourne sydney

travel info popular routes melbourne sydney

Three days on the Melbourne to Sydney coastal drive – travel guide the route is largely traffic-light with attractions providing regular pit-stops. A little further on, a turn-off leads to Pebbly Beach and its famous “surfing.
Melbourne to Sydney Coastal Route, Australia . one of the most popular tourist attractions in Melbourne but I think it's extremely underrated and is worth a visit.
The stretch from Melbourne to Cairns is filled with everything a traveller could want Ultimate Australia Guide backpacker travel working holiday oz One of the major cities on the east coast route – and a great place to fly in too if you're No trip to Oz is complete without a visit to the iconic city of Sydney....

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Any advice would be much appreciated :. Chris, thanks for a great guide to some of the many great options along the east coast of Australia!

travel info popular routes melbourne sydney

Sounds like an epic adventure to me! Have you downloaded my Ultimate Oz Guide? We are thinking of flying into Sydney and start from there then fly back from Cairns to Melbourne. Options for mobility and medical assistance and first-time flyers. Campervan: Unfortunately there are no campervan facilities in Metung but there are a few options just ten minutes drive away, around the town of Swan Reach. Planning a trip to taz then to Melbourne to cairns in April next year. We use a number of suppliers to match the right vehicle to your needs.

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I want to schedule this anywhere between December and August. Tips For Travelling As A Couple — How To Survive On The Road! Hey Aoife, I did a mixture actually — I hired a camper, bought a camper, used the Greyhound…it all depends on your budget and time scale really. My bets advice is to stay in shared dorms and get involved in any activities the hostels are organising, always a great way to meet new people! Sounds like you have a good adventure planned! With mobile phones out there I have an unlocked iPhone so I just bought a pay as you go SIM whilst I was out there. Only have a small car — get a cheap tent. Enjoy the stunning scenery which includes beaches, headland and mountains inside the park too.

travel info popular routes melbourne sydney