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traveling netherlands - Journey planner for all Dutch public - All public transport companies participate in the OV  Country code ‎: ‎+31.
PASSPORT VALIDITY: at least 6 months beyond planned date of departure from the Schengen area. BLANK PASSPORT PAGES: 2 pages.
Living/ Travelling in the Netherlands. Preparation is the key to successful travel. By doing your homework before you leave, you minimize the....

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Log in with Facebook. Overhead illuminated lane indicators - when in use - are mandatory. In most cases, you have to book at least a weekend. The NS train service also has a special website with which you can buy combined tickets to various tourist attractions e.

traveling netherlands

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  • Furthermore, in cities where there are streetcars Amsterdam especiallyremember that Streetcars always have priority under every circumstance.
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One Day in HOLLAND (Netherlands): Exploring Haarlem

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Sometimes trains leave in the direction they came from. Note that some tram stops are in the middle of the road, so passengers exiting the streetcars will cross the street in order to get to the sidewalks. There is a convenient night train service for party-goers and airport traffic between Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague, Leiden, Schiphol, Amsterdam, and Utrecht, all night long, once an hour in each direction. Further useful information, in English and Dutch, can be found on the website of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Servic e. Liquid Petroleum Gas is sold at relatively many gas stations along the high ways, but it is never sold in built-up areas. During a trip, personnel can check cards with a mobile card reader. Eating with one's mouth open, burping, smacking, and making other eating noises are considered uncivilized.

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When meeting and parting for the first time, shaking hands is the default position between both men and women. However, the proliferation of bicycles also means that you're seen as a serious part of traffic - motorists and other cyclists will hate you if you don't keep by the rules or if your cycling skills are not up to scratch. Most trains have displays inside front and back wall of each train section showing stations and destination, and even information about times and platforms for changing trains. Check in at the correct gate. Note: the desk won't return the drugs tested.