Traveling italy november

traveling italy november

It may be hard to convince someone whose heart is set on sunlit Tuscan hills and sparkling Ligurian beaches that a trip to Italy in November is really a good idea.
Lynn,. I've been in Italy in October and fortunately always had good weather (except for some rain on occasion). However, travel there in.
If you're short of ideas for what to do in Italy in November, we've gathered a Thousands of religious pilgrims travel to Venice on the day of the....

Traveling italy november -- going easy

Hotels near Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. We went to Paris afterward and it was colder and more rainy. If your main concern is that it is too cold, then you should stick with the southern part of Italy…Naples to Sicily, which is in itself a long and full trip. I honestly don't think you'll have time to visit the scenic Tuscan countryside unless you hire an expensive driver to take you for half a day. Chamonix, yes or no. Rethink the places you REALLY want to see and cut the others. Check also the list of events on the regional tourism sites - there are international and local ones that can help fill almost any itinerary.

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  • Or maybe somewhere like Verona. Well, we might be modifying our plans for this trip for next November.
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  • We will be visiting many of the towns you visited on your last trip!