Truths travel blogging

truths travel blogging

So what is the life of a travel blogger really like? It's not all roses that's for sure. Here are the truths I've learned over the last year of travel.
A look at the reality of travel blogging and some of the truths I've picked up along the way, since starting The Pin the Map Project.
Some travel bloggers share their doubts about the nomadic lifestyle...

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Because it is this audience that pays the bills of quite a few pro bloggers! It drives me crazy when travel bloggers say they quit their job to travel the world. I think my biggest challenge is the befriending of other bloggers, but, that will come with time.

truths travel blogging

This sounds like such a viable way to make money while travelling! Audit risk insurance travel I often go and live in a new place and will realise that I have more online friends than I do actual real life people in the city. I gave up, started again, and then stopped for good. I still maintain a full time Boston-based job, but spend an obscene amount of time developing content, networking, and truths travel blogging my social media channels. Adventures in Your Backyard: The West Coast Trail.

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Working this much means that you will be miserable unless you genuinely love it. With all the work involved in travel blogging how do you ever get time to actually travel…adventurously? Even though I do not have any audience I guess, but I keep on working on my blog to share what I love. Thank you, Cristina, and it really is the best gig ever. No matter what niche, all the top bloggers are also great writers. Over the years, these pitches have moved from small emails, to multi-page documents with an all singing and dancing media kit. Nikki The Pin the Map Project. Really glad that you can relate to it.

truths travel blogging