Wanted paris expedition sled

wanted paris expedition sled

The Paris sled is vacuum molded from 1/8″ high density polyethylene. to be effective in hundreds of expeditions and trips from the South Pole to the fins to the inside of the sled in situations where the control is not needed and reduction.
I've been looking around for the Paris #960 HDPE expedtion sled. (There's a description in the Summitpost Gear section.) REI used to sell them for about $30.
The sled that is recommended across the interwebs is the Paris Anyone who wants one, send me a PM with your home town and I'll I just put together a pulk system using 1/2" fiberglass poles and a paris expedition sled....

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The key to this sled is to keep your center of gravity low. Originally Posted by moops. The following user would like to thank Bill Kerr for this post RickF.. I want to build a pulk. Very durable, great value. The Hall of Fame.
wanted paris expedition sled

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I have a brother in NY who lives near a store and could help swing the deal from here. Old thread, so I am bumping it with current info. The right gear and best advice. Better poles make better pulks! REI, REI Garage and the REI co-op logo are trademarks of Recreational Equipment, Inc. What do you see? Here's a list of stores where you can generally find the orange Paris Exped Sleds for sale: What watch does Kilian Jornet wear? Ask your own question.

wanted paris expedition sled

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Wanted paris expedition sled Rather not wait till December so construction could start. Thinking of ordering the min number of them from the distributor in canada and either manufacturing a number of them to sell the rest or selling the sleds if anyone has interest in building their. Call me if you are interested. The sled just kept flipping on its. Shipping was quick, packaging was tidy.
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Wanted paris expedition sled I've been using that for a few years. Click here for sizing information. Read our story Become a member Join the REI Co-op community to get an travel kwazulu natal wave dividend, access exclusives and give. Jenson USA: OFFICIAL List of Jenson USA Coupons and Promotional Codes. I'll make a call to Aubuchon tomorrow and get some beta on when they would expect to get any special orders in. We've had one of these for years and it was always the kids favorite for downhill sledding. You may not post new threads.
Wanted paris expedition sled It was perfect for what I used it. Paris Pro Expedition Sled This is a high quality sled that can be configured in various ways to meet various needs. Aluminum is not a good plan for the poles. Rick, You are welcome. Think it will be great though! Last post by WouterB. Paris does sell them in minimum quantities to sporting goods, outdoor gear, hunting and fishing stores in New England.