Tune traveling wilburys true history

tune traveling wilburys true history

Mix - The True History Of The Traveling Wilbury's YouTube · George Harrison- Interview (Traveling Wilburys.
A great documentary on the Traveling WIlburys. seriously, a quick search brings up over 30 links that reference the song as a Wilbury tune.
This was a song we knew could not be wasted on some B-side. Roy Orbison's vocal was tremendous. I really loved the beautiful guitar figure that George played...

Tune traveling wilburys true history traveling

Jeff Lynne and the Beatles. The Traveling Wilburys sometimes shortened to the Wilburys were a British-American supergroup consisting of Bob Dylan , George Harrison , Jeff Lynne , Roy Orbison , and Tom Petty. We could all sing " Blowin' in the Wind " and Bob could sing " Something ". In the later years of the Beatles, George had felt under-appreciated and distant from his bandmates.

tune traveling wilburys true history

Tune traveling wilburys true history travel fast

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