Travel reasons visit bosnia herzegovina

travel reasons visit bosnia herzegovina

Open source travel guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina, featuring up-to-date be advised to take supplies beforehand for the spectacular 9hr trip, though men.
10 reasons to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina . Traveling across Bosnia and Herzegovina, it's impossible not to fall in love with the landscape.
who runs one of my favourite travel blogs actually posted 10 reasons why you should visit Bosnia - Herzegovina. A three-year war in the left Bosnia's...

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It has been such a surprise — incredible country! That is what she got and it makes sense as this country has endured so many different culture influences over centuries. This region of the world is high on my bucket list!

You will not find any signs from the oldest settlements but it starts with the dominance of the Ottoman empire. While it's easy to spend days, if not weeks, exploring Sarajevo, it's worth getting out used cars sale ford expedition the capital to explore other towns. Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of. A peace treaty followed with a heavy handled role of the U. Africa Americas Asia China Europe Middle East Travel reasons visit bosnia herzegovina U. It will be to rekindle friendships with all the amazing people I met. Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. Another great dessert is tufahije which is typical Bosnian. We posed for photos on top of the old bunkers, looking out into the distance where we could see the road winding into Montenegro in one direction and the road winding down the mountains towards Croatia in the other direction, travel reasons visit bosnia herzegovina. Oddly, apart from these fast food options, Bosnian restaurants serve few Bosnian specialities - what people eat in their homes is very different from what they will eat if they go to a restaurant. Unexploded landmines remain a real danger, particularly in isolated areas in the mountains and countryside.

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