Travel kievukrainegettingaround

travel kievukrainegettingaround

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If you cannot read Ukrainian or Russian, travel by numbers: all the stations have numbers and you may find it much easier to just remember the station number..

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These are prime drinking hours and the metro and "marshrutky" may be crowded with drunk men. You can withdraw UAH but in some cases also US dollars.
travel kievukrainegettingaround

The disco is on the third and fourth levels, the main dance floor being on the former and extra bars and balconies look down from the. Most maps and signposts are translated into English. By train [ edit ]. These days it's possible to move around Kiev by bike. Touch cafe - mostly a restaurant but also turns into a nightclub. Either bargain or have a fixed meter. Michael's Golden-Domed Monasterya short distance and easily visible from St, travel kievukrainegettingaround. Travel hours wellington zealand where what main advantage is free WiFi, while on the downside are the prices that are travel kievukrainegettingaround high on Kiev standards. Run by western backpackers. They list those stations that you can reach from this platform. You can hail a Marshrutka at the assigned bus stops. Restaurant with English menu. The Opera HotelB.

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  • Travel kievukrainegettingaround
  • The best approach is to be vigilant and wary of anyone who approaches you. It is quite a nice spot to visit and learn about the town walls.
  • Or you may buy nice shawls at Kiev Pechersk Lavra.. Touristy but retains charm.

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Besides these centrally located pubs, others lie elsewhere in Kiev, but do not cater to ex-pats and have reasonable prices. Located in the very centre in a quiet green area, with a view on Sophia Cathedral. If you try to bargain, they will propose to put the meter on. Hotels near Saint Sophia Cathedral. Take off your backpack in the subway. It is often expected that one carries small change in Kiev. One token is valid for one trip, no matter how far you go.

travel kievukrainegettingaround

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Another interesting Kiev transportation option is its. They main feature that they have is that they have the latest creation by the world best known designers. Touristy but retains charm. Hotels near Pirogovo Open-Air Museum. All major credit cards and debit cards can be used at some ATMs throughout Ukraine, but do not work in many.

travel kievukrainegettingaround